Tips and impregnation:

When purchasing windows, we primarily pay attention to their long service life, such are the wooden windows manufactured based on the three-layer wood gluing technology using special production lines for the final product.

It is assumed that the service life of wooden windows, correctly produced (using high quality raw materials) and fitted in the opening is more than 60 years.

How to take care of wooden windows so that they will serve us as long as possible?

  • Today's production of wooden windows is a highly specialised process, which guarantees very high quality, aesthetics and durability of the product.
  • Windows manufactured in the modern system do not require maintenance even for several years, but in order to avoid surprises we have to take care of their proper use and maintenance.
  • The most important thing is adequate impregnation of wooden elements and application of paint coatings. For impregnation and painting our products we use the best materials from western companies specialising in the production of paints and varnishes.
  • Quality coatings as well as the painting method allows us to provide long warranty.
  • However, wooden elements of windows should be rinsed with water with an addition of a washing agent at least once every 12 months to remove dust that settled on our windows, after which using a soft cloth apply special liquid for the maintenance of painted surfaces.
  • For maintenance of seals, also use water with cleaning fluid or smear them with glycerine.
  • Movable mechanisms which a part of the hardware should be lubricated with white mineral oil.
  • Such maintenance every 12 months will allow you to enjoy your windows in unchanged quality for many years.