Soudal Window System allows the correct three-layer installation (i.e. layer sealing installation) of joinery, meaning durable and effective sealing of the places where the window is embedded in the frame following the general rule: tighter on the inside than outside.

The use of vapour-barrier window tape is the only effective method of securing the layer of polyurethane foam against moisture penetration from the environment. Only a dry foam layer has adequate insulation and acoustic parameters

WARM WINDOWSILL System is the best solution for modern buildings. The elements are made of very hard and durable XPS extruded polystyrene or in a cheaper version using industrial EPS. Profiles are adapted to the type of windows and doors which is why they perfectly insulate and seal the space under the windows. Profiles also have special expansion tape, which due to its characteristics, perfectly fills the space between the profile below the sill and the window frame. At the same, the profile act as a support for the internal and external sill. Warm Windowsill is one of the best materials available to guarantee the elimination of thermal bridges.