Eco-term Mounting profile


ECO-TERM is an innovative profile with a sandwich structure, consisting of two external profiles made of hard PVC and an internal layer made of extruded polystyrene with high insulating properties. In addition, it has a double gasket made of softened polyvinyl chloride on both sides of the profiles.

The product is characterized by both high quality and functionality, providing a range of different types of applications.


- under door sills


- for installing blinds


- for window frames


- for installing window frames in the building insulation layer


Thanks to its construction using a thermal wedge with XPS, ECO-TERM outperforms in terms of thermal insulation standard products made exclusively of PVC. The heat transfer coefficient (U) for Metal-Plast mounting profiles is from 0.47 to 0.66 W / (m²K), depending on the profile model.

The possibility of stacking is another advantage of the product, as it enables a solid construction of free spaces. On the other hand, thanks to the built-in seals, it achieves high tightness parameters of the joinery assembly, corresponding to the highest water-tightness classes, air permeability and wind load resistance in accordance with the applicable standards EN 12207, EN 12208 and EN 12210.